Billeder af mig

I was born in January 1988 at Køge hospital in Denmark, - too be exact, January the 17th and I became a new member of a everyday family of 5 people. Of course there are my parents and besides them, I have two half-brothers and a half-sister, all living together at that time. Jacob, my youngest brother were 7 years old, when I was conceived. Dorte, my sister was 9 and Jimmy my second brother was 11. My dad was running his own company as a painter back then and my mom was part of it too, as the secretary next to her primary job as a state school teacher. My dad is still painter today, after all these years. He is still running his own company "Malermester Bjarne Juhl Jensen", however it's not the same as back when I was born. My mom isn't teaching anymore. Years ago, she looked for new challenges, and became an attendant at a large warehouse.

... Anyway, back to me. When I was born, I had some minor deformities. I was born with Syndactyli. Syndactyli is when two or several fingers or toes are grown together. On both my feet toe two and three were grown together. Luckily it wasn't any problem for me. I could walk and run just like anyone else. Psychological it was okay too. Of course I was kind of different, and my classmates noticed, but it was not an everyday subject in school, so I was fine with it. At the age of 7, I went for surgery, so my toes would be separated and normalized. It was a long, hard and not so funny ride, to get trough. After the surgery, which went very well, I was hospitalized in a bed with my legs up in a 45 degree angle for two weeks and after that I was placed in a wheelchair with my legs stretch horizontally for another two weeks. It was hard not to be able to use my legs for such a long period. And of course after a month when I should try stand for the first time again, it was very weird and difficult. I had no strength in my legs and some rehabilitation was necessary. I was pretty quickly ready for state school and fooling around with friends again though. After the surgery my toes still look a bit funny. They are still crooked and they always will be, until I choose to get them straightened out with a second surgery.

Going back to my birth, I wasn't baptized. And I also chose not to be confirmed. Simply because I was too lacy and didn't want to spend my time in a church. I don't believe in other religions. Does that make me atheist? You see, I think not? I certainly believe in god. People say "but you're not baptized, so you can't!". I'm in the opinion of, that no one can tell me when and I why I can or cannot believe in something. Even though I'm not baptized, I'm a strong believer in god and I'll pray sometimes, when I feel it can help me. I probably have a stronger faith than many others, who have been baptized...

When I was younger me and my family moved around a lot. First when I was born, we lived in Karslunde - a minor city near Copenhagen. I was so young, that I don't remember the place. We moved later on into a house in Greve, a neighbor city to Karlslunde, where we stayed for a couple of years. Then we moved back again to Karlslunde into a huge house, where we was for a year or so, and then yet again, we moved to Hundige, a city next to Greve. So it was movements over short areas. After then it has been over with the moving! I'm still living here with my parents all these years after we moved in.

Billeder af mig

1994 was the year I started at State school Tjørnelyskolen. It is located about 3 minutes from home, so it was really great for me back then, seen in terms of transport. Unlike many of my classmates, who switched to a private school later on, I stayed both through primary and lower secondary school. I was happy for the place. In the year of 2004 I completed primary school, with several well-went examinations. Subjects like French, German and English can be mentioned.

For the first time I stood on my own feet. I've been in the same environment for 10 years, and I felt secure there. Now I should figure out what I wanted with my life, start an education and turn into an adult. So I did. I have always been sure on my future dreams. I knew that I wanted to work with music, web design and electricity.

Music is my life. So simple is it. I love all kind of music, and I use a lot of time with it. For many years I've been working with it. There are so many emotions in music, and it is absolutely amazing! I'm truly happy, that I'm one of those, who can pick up these emotions. Already when I was 7 years old, I started piano lessons for some years in the early grades. Already there I began to be okay-skilled in piano and keyboard. Then I stopped for a while. A couple of years later, I started at a music school, where I began lessons as a drummer. I have created a love for drums, since I stopped playing piano. My interest for piano was also still there, and I started at piano lessons yet again next to the drum play. I was so crazy about it, that I bought an old Yamaha drum kit with Remo skins for my room. My father gave me a fancy Yamaha keyboard too. I loved my instruments and I used them every day! I started as well in two bands. My piano teacher needed a pianist for his band and besides that group, we started up another completely new group through the music school, where I was a drummer. It was fantastic to be a part of a "community", where we all lived for it, and it was awesome to play famous songs in our own ways. Of course we also went out and performed different places.

Unfortunately it meant that it began to be difficult to get it squeezed down together in a everyday next to school. I used every day on my music, and that became a problem for me. As the years went by, examinations started to appear and more homework as well. Besides that I just also went sour in it. It was just too much, - so I was a fool, and I quitted everything. Drum lessons, piano lessons and both my bands. I also sold my instruments. It meant that I used my time correct for State school again, and I could finish good, as mentioned upstream. I have missed playing music ever since, and I have sworn to myself, that I will start playing again someday. But when, I don't know ...

After I completed State School, I started to use more time on web design. A hoppy I became very fond of, after quitting music school. It all started, when we should make our own websites in school. That really got my interest. So in August 2004 I started at Medieskolen Lyngby, which is a production school, and dealing with different media (videos, photo, sound editing and web design where I went). It is a kind of course, where one earns money. That was/is a really great place, and I am very happy, that I discovered them on the Internet. There I was for the next 8 months, when I decided to get a job, and earn some better money elsewhere.

I started immediately after in a huge grocers called "Bilka" in Hundige. I had searched for a job in the bakery-department and I got it. It was quite a change for me - been used to sit in front of a computer and work with media, now I should suddenly work hard from morning to afternoon and sometimes even at night too. My job was a bit of everything. I baked different kinds of bread and buns with the bakers and I also were working as a confectioner. Simultaneous I was in charge of the big deep-freezer and frost-products and all danish pastry. Keep things in order and make sure newly arrived products wasn't defrosting.

It was a hard job for me. Still young and it was tough to get up in the morning and be there on time. My boss was a maniac and very harsh (even though you did your job right). That was probably the main reason why I after 8 months of fulltime quitted my job. I was sick of it to be honest, and also I were offered another job at a warehouse with a much better salary. Actually it was the same warehouse as my mother works in, so that was okay. But, I was not really my cup of tea. I were there for about 3 months and then I quitted that as well.

Billeder af mig

I decided that I was finished with earning money and work at that point. I wanted to start up an education. I already knew what I wanted, so I got a place on a technical college named "CPH West" which are located in the city Ishøj. I took a basic course as electrician, which you must have, if you want to be able to start an actually education as an electrician. It takes about 15 weeks, so it wasn't so bad. That I managed excellent with some good marks and I was lucky to find a firm called Teknisk El-Service which was willing to hire me as an apprentice. The electrician education in Denmark takes about 4 to 4½ year to complete. And so I did! The 17th June 2010, many experiences later, I finished my education and I completed my last test piece of work as apprentice with perfection. Actually I got top marks in all my professions which is a pretty huge thing to accomplish in Denmark. When you do that, you are being rewarded with a fine bronze medal and a diploma. Besides some (lottery) are selected to meet the queen and the king or prince in own person and have dinner with them. (Of course there are many other people at presence too). I'm hoping for my name in the lottery, so I can meet them. That is a thing I'll never forget then!

The day I was educated, I also stopped working for Teknisk El-Service. There wasn't enough work and besides that I had thought about starting on a further education. I would probably have waited, if there were more work to do in Teknisk El-Service, also because I was kinda glad for the place. But that wasn't the case, and I decided to start immediately as An Academy Profession Degree Programme in Service Engineering. It takes two years extra and are almost strictly school. I started at the further education on KME at DTU 16. August 2010. When I'm finished, I'm highly educated and I'm allowed to run an authorized company by my own and work with high powered installations etcetera...

Well enough about education! In my spare time I am very fond of discotheque equipments and playing with it. I'm running a professional mobile discotheque. It is named "Mobildiskotek Party-Storm". Me and a friend started it in December 2006, and since then, it has grown slowly but surely. My friend isn't a part of it anymore, when he had other things on his mind, but I decided to continue it. It costs allot of money, and there are great competition on the market, but I'm still into it, and I have no plan of stopping it in the near future.

Besides Mobildiskotek Party-Storm and web design in my spare time, I have a special passion for football (soccer). Both national, but especially international football. Spanish too be exact. In national football my heart goes to Brondby IF which is one of the biggest and most successful football clubs in Denmark. They have received beautiful results earlier and even had famish footballer Danish Michael Laudrup as coach for a period of years. Sadly the last years, Brondby IF has become a farce and the board are ruining the club with their greediness. It breaks my heart, and my faith and passion for Brondby IF are today much lower than it was 4 years ago.

In Spanish football my absolute biggest passion performs. Real Madrid CF. They own my heart, and they have since 2001. I fell in love with the club and my idol Luis Figo, which was playing for Real Madrid CF at that time. The Galacticos era started it all. Ever since I have followed them in good and bad. I'm watching all their games, and I'm taping them. I'm very honored to be a Madridista! Of course I've also visited Santiago Bernabeú, Real Madrid CF's home field. It is fantastic! And I've seen them play in real life there. That you can read more about on my weekend trip to Madrid.

Billeder af mig

Now we're talking about trips, I have been on quite some vacations around in the world. I love traveling, and when I was younger my parents took me many different places and countries. For instance you can read about our holiday in Egypt where we were in the summer of 2005. Spain is a place where we have been several times, and the same goes for Italy. In 2009 we visited Scotland. A different experience, and a very beautiful place. Morocco can also be mentioned, a part of a Spain vacation back in 98' I think, were we took a trip over Gibraltar and over to Africa and Morocco. Colder places like Switzerland, Austria and Germany is also places I've been. Actually there are quite a lot of holidays, so all of them can't be listed. Finally you can read about me and my friends trip to the Netherlands to visit some Q-Dance events.