Pictures from Spain

As you know, I'm a incarnated Real Madrid fan, and during my successful finishing as an electrician, my parents gave me a trip with them to Spain too watch a home game with Real Madrid. A great gift! At that time I had never been down and see them play live before, so it was great. The trip had planned departure in March 2010 and was a weekend stay from Friday to Monday, where we flew down there and stayed at a hotel in downtown Madrid.

The match was played on Saturday evening, so we had both a day before and after in Madrid. Despite several trips to Spain earlier, neither me nor my parents had been in Madrid before, so it was really exciting to explore the city. We started the course of exploring with a little walk down the streets and look at the different streets and shops. The weather was relatively good and dry and the temperature was probably around 16 to 18 degrees, so it was quite okay. We took a sightseeing tour bus which drove around Madrid, where we could see a lot of beautiful buildings and monuments. There was no roof on first floor of the bus, so we had a good view of everything from up there. It drove around an hour and a half or so, so we got to see quite a bit.

During the day where we had walked around, we looked of course after restaurants and more, so we could try some interesting places where we would eat in the evening. The food is not really as we know it here at home, so it is seldom abroad, but it was quite nice and tasted pretty good.

During Saturday I had of course a desire to get into Real Madrid's official store, because I wanted a souvenir to take home. The shop was no more than a few hundred meters from our hotel. There is also a shop at their stadium, but we picked the one downtown cause we had the time. Normally I buy Real Madrid jerseys at home in Denmark, but I did not have the latest from the 2010 season, so I bought a home jersey in the store, so I could take it home and also wear it to the match later same day of course.

Pictures from Spain

As we were leaving to Santiago Bernabeu, we took the subway. It is reasonably well developed in Madrid and is a quick, cheap and a convenient transportation option. We had earlier on the day studied more detailed how and when to be sure that we came to the right place and so on. It was not the biggest project to work it out, as there is a metro station at Santiago Bernabeu, which funnily enough is called the Santiago Bernabeu. The match we went to see was between Real Madrid and Sporting Gijon in La Liga (BBVA). It was incredible to get into the stadium and sit in good seats right near the track, and then see how people slowly began to fill the stadium up. It is huge and it is incredibly beautiful. Especially when it's filled with spectators. There was a really good atmosphere and it was a joy to watch players warm up and watch the match where we took some nice pictures of players and the frame for it all. At the same time ended the match 3 - 1 to Real Madrid, so it was fantastic! It would have been a little sad to have to take back home with a defeat in our luggage. It must be said that when going home from Santiago Bernabeu after a match, one should consider whether to take the subway home. There are approx. 60,000 people heading for the metro at the same time, so there are incredibly long queues. Therefore, this resulted also in that we took a taxi back to the hotel.

The reason for the trip was my love for Real Madrid, so we also turned back to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday for a tour inside the stadium. There was a huge queue, but even so we chose to implement it, and I am glad that we did. It can really be recommended to take the tour, cause no details is spared, and you get access to many places and areas where you would normally never have access. And pictures are allowed! You doesn't get access to the players' dressing room, as it is very sacred, but you get access to the opposing locker room and shower facilities, which must be said that they are very modern and luxurious. There is a museum at the stadium, which you also comes through on the tour, where you can see all the trophies won and read about Real Madrid's history and see the players through the ages. Pictures from Spain Eventually the tour ending by going through the Real Madrid shop where you can buy souvenirs, if you would want. We had already bought a jersey in their second store downtown the day before, so we passed this time.

Overall a fantastic trip that I definitely want to repeat again someday. It's something I can handle to experience again. And the matches are never boring. Otherwise it was up early Monday morning, and then home by plane back to Denmark.